Can I retrieve database table content with ACF plugin/custom fields?


Perhaps a silly question but I would want to retrieve data from some database tables (in WordPress). I’m using a template with WPBakery builder which let me output ‘custom fields’ on posts and pages.

Great for when I add a custom field (with ACF plugin) and I can display this data (if filled in) wherever I want. But is it also possible to get data stored in a database table when there’s not a custom field involved?

So for example, database table ‘livingroom’ has the options ‘length’, ‘width’, ‘height’ and for example the length is stored with to 1.80. Then I want to add this field to a single post.

Is there a way to point ACF in the right direction, by saying get the field ‘livingroom.lenght’ for this post? Or is it simple not possible to output the data this way?

I’ll get it to work with php but just wondering if I can use ACF for this.

Thanks for thinking with me!

Yuri 2 months 0 Answers 11 views 0

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