Can i get a value from a radio buttons group inside a html form field using Elementor Pro actions after submit?


I have a form created with Elementor, and i have to create a specific design (pricing plans) with radio buttons, so i have added an html field on which i wrote an shortcode. This shortcode will load the html of the pricing cards radio buttons with his value.

Until here everything is fine and working.

Then i wrote an action after submit, to handle this form submission, here i have this:

public function run($record,$ajax_handler){ 
   $form_data = $record->get_formatted_data();
   $raw_data  = $record->get('fields');
   $ajax_handler->add_response_data('fields', $raw_data);
   $ajax_handler->add_response_data('form', $form_data);

When the form is submitted, this returned values are printed in console, but only show the fields created with elementor, no the fields in the HTML form field.

How this fields getter works in elementor?

Is there a way to get also the values from the inputs inside an html form field?

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