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I am in the process of building a members hub where we will give access to members based on their membership level. By default there will be only one public membership and once visitors become members they will be able to upgrade their memberships. I went through the Woocommerce Subscription and Memberships documentation and i believe this can be done with these two plugins.

Membership process:

Our membership process requires an application form to be filled by the members and when they submit the application it goes for review by the staff until then the members remain on hold. Currently I need help to streamline the application submission process and the review process. If we can make the checkout form as our application form and send it as a PDF to the staff, i think that would be the most robust way?

Member’s Check-In process:

I need some help in finding the and setting up the right solution to streamline the members check in process. Ideally, i would like members to enter their unique email, phone etc on tablet device (placed at our club) and that should pull the member information to the front desk officer’s screen (a different screen from where member enters their name email etc),so that we wouldn’t have to ask members their name as it gets kinda annoying at times. so this would more like a self-check in process.

I would also want to give an option to the members to pay in cash for their recurring fee and we should update the renewals in the system tagging the renewal as cash for that particular month.

I am using SquareUp for processing online payments.

looking forward for some great ideas from WOO WIZARDS 🙂


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