bug – The first button tap after a page load doesn’t trigger click action on iOS devices


I have a strange problem on my iPhone with my WooCommerce site.

After I load a page, the first tap onto a clickable element that has onhover action (a button or just a general div) does not produce click action. The second and all the consequent taps work normally and produce click actions though.

I’ve searched for the solution and found this fix:

This works, but it introduces a lot of other bugs, which the developers of the solution describe themselves. So I wouldn’t like to use this.

Then there is this article:

But for some reasons the solutions described there don’t work for my page.

I’ve looked for and tried to implement several other solutions (mostly CSS), but none of them worked.

I have a WooCommerce with Storefront theme, nothing really special with plugins or CSS.

Please help to identify and solve this issue, because it really messes up the usability of my page and I don’t really understand why this happens at all.

Thank you

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