Block for custom title-header in Flatsome


I would like display a diferent image in my title-header on Flatsome theme
for now I Use a CSS like that
.postid-29280 .page-title-bg {
background-image: url("my image") !important; }
but I found in the template this function
// Add Big blog header
function flatsome_single_page_header(){

if(is_singular(‘post’) && get_theme_mod(‘blog_post_style’) == ‘top’){
get_template_part( ‘template-parts/posts/partials/single-featured’, get_theme_mod(‘blog_post_style’));
add_action(‘flatsome_after_header’,’flatsome_single_page_header’, 10);

and I’m pretty sure it’s possible with this to get better result
but I don’t know how to do should be the codex is still something not really understable for me
I just need to understand how to call a specific category and design a picture the final result is provide in template-parts/posts/partials/single-featured’
I understand the logic the path but I don’t know how to code or where looking for a specific tuto for that
thank you if someone can un-lock my brain from this

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