block editor – How to create pre-designed page layouts for Gutenberg?


Prior to the block editor, I would create pre-designed page layouts for my clients using the following method:

  1. Create a page template file. For example, about-us.php, in the theme folder.
  2. Use the advanced custom fields plugin to create fields for the template file.
  3. Layout the ACF fields in the page template using CSS.
  4. To use a page template: the client selects the page template in the page editor.

I would often create multiple page templates for a client’s site.

With the block editor, what is the recommended way to do this, please? I want to lock the template, if I use a block template. I understand that this can be done with custom post types, but I haven’t found a solution for multiple page layouts e.g. about us page layout, contact us page layout etc.


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