block editor – How to add a Gutenberg page within the Divi theme?


I have an old website that is quite large and it is 100% based on Divi. I would like to slowly migrate to Gutenberg page by page, or at least have new pages using Gutenberg, because Divi is quite slow and complex for some simpler layouts.

I have installed the Gutenberg plugin.

But when I create a new page I never have the Gutenberg blocks functionality, in particular I am mostly interested in the columns block. Is there someway to have the 2 plugins work together to be able to migrate sites?

I have wordpress version 5.9.3 and a relatively recent Divi Theme 4.14

shelbypereira 2 years 2022-04-29T00:32:09-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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