Background Missing on Elementor Canvas Coming Soon Live Page


My website is this

I have made a template using Elementor and named it Coming Soon (Template Page URL in WordPress: and customized it with a background as per my choice.

But when I go to Elementor>Tools>Maintenance Mode>Coming Soon and select the Coming Soon Template which I made and enable the Maintenance Mode, I do not get the background when I access my site elsewhere. Different pages have different arrangements and all of them have no background. Just a blank white page.

Here is how the Coming Soon Page looks in preview in the WP-admin (and how it should actually look when I access it elsewhere and on any URL of my website): Preview Mode Coming Soon Page

Here it how it now looks: Actual Current Coming Soon look

Why is this happening? I have tried disabling my plugins but nothing is happening.

All customizations and placement arrangements are messed up.

I also tried Regenerating CSS and CSS write mode to Internal Embedding. But it did not work.

You can access different variations of my URL having blog or contact or about, to see how its messed up and has a blank white background.

Please help.

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