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I’m building a biodiversity database and am looking for the easiest way to display all the information online. I know I can do this without a CMS, but I have too tight a deadline to waste time designing something fancy from scratch (easier to slap a quick theme).

I’m struggling between choosing WordPress (experience in it) and Drupal (it will definitely work, but much more time-consuming to make it look nice). I’d love to choose WordPress, but I’m wondering if it can handle the main aspect.

Namely, can I automatically generate pages for every row in my main SQL table? Say I have a table with this structure:

ID | Rank | Parent | Name

This table will have 6000+ rows, and each Name must have its own dynamically-generated page. Populating each page is simple with custom templates which I already have.

My problem is having to manually make 6000+ pages, one for every name, and then making new ones every time a new species is added. Is there some function or plugin that will generate pages dynamically, with the custom template, and even with a nice permalink?

I can do this in Drupal, but don’t know how I can do it in WordPress.

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