authentication – Connect my WordPress site users to my public site account without showing my public site credentials


I have WordPress website and I want my site’s users to connect any another public website’s account using my public account’s credentials without showing them to my credentials.

I explain more with an example. I have my WordPress website called and I have my personal account of any public website like with my personal credentials like username and password. I want my websites users to direct (or any connect button in their account which used to) login to my website’s my account without showing my credentials like username and password.

I got an answer from Manoj Vasshist as below…

Approches :

you can directy put login link on of your xyz website to abc website or vice versa.

Use iframe to open you login are in another website.

3.Use authentication key with encryption on login page of abc web site and redirect with xyz website with auth key based on auth key you direct login on site.

I have tried my level best but I didn’t go through it.

But I am not that tech guy I am beginner. So, can anyone tell me how to do the same or step by step any link or video or web page or link or anything else method to do the same.

Thanks in advance.


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