Attachment pages stealing page slugs


I’m working on remaking a big website with its upload folder already full of many gigabits of images. I just noticed a problem I never noticed with WordPress before: it seems to create attachment pages based on the name of the images, which means that it "steals" most of the page slugs I want to use.

For example, let’s say I have an image named about.jpg in my upload folder. The URL will be created and automatically redirect to that image. Now, if I want to create a regular page named About, the URL doesn’t have the priority on the attachment and will be forced be called

It’s quite frustrating to not have clean URLs, and I haven’t found much on the web about it, which is strange. It tried the filter mentioned here but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you 🙂

morceaudebois 2 years 2020-10-24T05:10:20-05:00 0 Answers 10 views 0

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