Astra theme uses same div for body text on both archive page and entry page – how to change?


Using WordPress and its Astra theme, I have

  • a) an “archive” page containing post titles followed by “excerpts”; and
  • b) pages for each post (“entry” pages).

So a) contains a list of titles each followed by what I am calling “body text”, and each instance of b) contains a title followed by body text too. This format is still much used, even if many blogs nowadays dispense with the archive page.

I would like to end the body text in b) with a stop character – a black circle – without doing the same in a). It’s easy to write the CSS to append the circle to the last p in the div, but what is the easiest way to make sure this happens only in b) and not in a), given that at the moment (for reasons I don’t understand) both are using the same div, namely “entry-content clear”?

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