Are WordPress Plugins essential?


I’m new to WordPress. I recently read an article about how hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in plugins. Various sources such as Google Pagespeed has also disssuaded me from using plugins or at least keep it to the minimum. Personally, I also try to avoid plugins because I feel more in control of what happens on my site, and downloading one almost feels like ‘Great, another thing I have to learn how to use’.

I understand that ‘Plugins-recommendation’ are off-topic, but what I’m after is actually explanation to why/if some plugins are essential in WordPress.

Take these for example:

Security – A few top plugins has to do with security. But are WordPress sites vulnerable in general? Why do I need an additional plugin to avoid exploitation?

Back Up – I’m new to the blogging world, but don’t most hosts provide backup services? Or do I need special plugins for that with WordPress?

AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring – Supposed to block click bombs to avoid banishment from Google. But I don’t understand, are a few fake clicks all people have to do to shut your revenue down unless you download a plugin?

Edit: Might be better to ask this one in Google support, ignore it if so

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