Are WordPress & PHP objectively and based on evidence going to die because the future is made of frontend rendering instead of server side rendering?


A friend called Pablo told me to learn WordPress CMS but another friend called Lucas told me to learn Strapi CMS because server side rendering and PHP in general are dying in favor of frontend side rendering with tools like react, angular or vue.

I do not want your opinion because opinions are strictly forbidden on this platform and they will make moderators close this question.

I want facts and solid arguments based on true evidence that demonstrate wether WordPress and server side rendering via PHP are really being replaced by the new javascript toys or not in the following 30 years (to be practical, because I will stop working on 2050 if I am still alive).

I really like PHP and cannot imagine a world without it.

But if you know better than me the objective factual non-opinionated tendency of web development and can help me take the smartest decision, I will be very happy today.

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Javier Guil Bozal 5 months 2021-06-01T02:26:24-05:00 0 Answer 0 views 0

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    Here’s a link from Zend that delves deeper into the future of PHP.

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