Are there any guidelines/standards for post styling?


I am a beginner in WordPress Theme development. I have been trying to create my first theme and I have already started by adding some basic styling. I am using single.php as a template for loading the content of a single post. I started by applying some basic layout, margins and padding around paragraphs.

I realized that I can add any style without restrictions which was nice. However, I also realized that overdoing it might be problematic. It is because when a user will use the theme and create a post using the blocks editor, they may (and surely will) add extra styling, change font family and sizes. Now if these are hard coded in the theme, user’s changes will not take any effect.

In such cases, I am wondering if there is a strict guideline that shows the best practices when it comes to designing a custom layout for post templates. I checked the docs but, it was too vague to get an understanding. It would be great if other theme developers here can share from their experience about some standards that can help me get better. Thanks everyone for their time.

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