Any good form approval and display plugins?


I am running an Elementor website. What I am asking might be a bit weird but there has to be a plugin for this.

I want to make a website where everyone can create an account and fill forms that will be displayed later, after a moderator approves it.

For example, imagine I want to create a webpage where I can show people the best items/skills for each class in a RPG videogame. I would have n classes (Mage, Swordsman…) and people could create an account and fill a form like this.

Class: [Class]
BestItem: [Item]
BestSkill1: [Skill1]…

and after a moderator approves it (to prevent people intentionally creating bad sets), the new kit would be displayed in the “Mage” page.

Any ideas on how I could do this? Its essentially just a form approval and display system, preferably if it has some sort of Elementor compatibility, but would work if it was shown as plain text.

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