Animated Gif as Featured Image


I am wanting to upload animated gifs to my website and use them as the featured image. I have a couple of questions.

Firstly…how do I stop wordpress from automatically resizing the image when I upload it and in the process changing my animated gif to a static one? I have looked at tutorials for it online, but most of them say to make sure I click “full sized image” when I upload. However this doesn’t seem to be an option in wordpress 4.2.3?

Secondly, what are the alternative these days to animated gifs? I know its not ideal and they can be clunky. But I work with movie image, so I find it appealing to use gifs for my featured image. Although I may switch to a combination of static gifs and animated gifs for my featured images, I could have up to 20 gifs loading at the same time, which isn’t ideal I suppose. I have looked at some plugins, and there is one that converts animated gifs to html5. However it has only been downloaded <40 times and has no rating.

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