Android App using Rest API to create user on site but How to load site by making User logged in


In Short- I am creating user via the Rest API from my App using JWT Auth plugin & user are created successfully but I also want that after this when the wordpress site loads, the user also must get logged on the site which is not happening(site loads with no user logged in). How to make this happen?

Note– My App using WebView(in simple word- a browser rendering the website).

In Detail- Hey, I made an Android App where User can register/login with the Sign in with Google/FB, now this method is basically native to app means showing Dialog box where list of google account is shown.(From now I am only considering Google) After user select account & google verify it successfully, I am taking user’s email & randomly generate strong password to create account on my wordpress site using JWT auth plugin & Nextend Social Plugin. An User is created successfully and then website loads but site loads with no user logged in. How to make this happen?

I have searched many article, forums, & thus I able to create users successfully but stuck on further step. Thanks in advance.

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