Allow user to manually set crop area of default/custom image sizes on upload [closed]


I’m looking for a plugin that allows the user to define where the image will be cropped for a given thumbnail size.

For example, the user uploads an image, a screen comes up with the image and a selection box, and asks her to move/resize the image within the selection for size ‘medium’.

I’ve found two plugins that allow the user to do this after the thumbnail has been uploaded: Post Thumbnail Editor and Crop-Thumnails.

Either of these might work, but does anyone know of a built-in solution or a plugin that will ask for this on upload?

There seems to be a built-in solution in the customizer when for example when choosing the logo or header image in twentyseventeen – it opens the upload dialogue and says “Upload and crop” on the button, leading to moving preset crop area in the next step. Any way how to use this in featured images?


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