Advice on A/B testing price?


Just wondering how do you go about A/B testing price on an e-commerce site using WooCommerce? I have used 2 methods both with drawbacks. Was wondering what alternatives you guys have.

Method 1:

If I use Google Optimize, I am able to change the price a user sees.

Original: Price on page = $10

Variant 1: Price on page = $20

Problem with Method 1:

However, even if I edit the page to show $20 when a user clicks Add to Cart, they would still add the $10 version of the product. Clearly, this is not ideal for testing purposes since I want to see how many users actually checked out at the $20 price point.

Method 2:

Have different landing pages that show different products. Using my e-commerce plugin (WooCommerce), I can then add different prices for the same product (ie. add the same product twice just that they have different prices). This way the price a user sees is actually what is added to their cart.

Original (on Price on page = $10

Variant 1 (on Price on page = $20

Problem with Method 2:

A user who lands on the $20 page can easily go back to the homepage ( to find that they are actually being charged more). This sounds like it would lead to negative customer experience.


Which method is better and how do you mitigate the problems they pose? Or are there better ways of dealing with this?


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