advanced custom fields – Equation input with preview in classic editor


I use WordPress as a headless CMS, and my frontend is made with React. There’s no theme or live preview.

I’m looking for a plugin to add/edit and preview equations (LaTeX) in the classic editor.
This is an example of what I want, but with CKEditor:
enter image description here

Most of the plugins I find are outdated, and some of them like KaTeX (which I’m planning to use its js library for frontend) only support live preview in gutenberg blocks.

The reason I’m looking for classic editor (TinyMCE) support is because I have multiple text editing fields in a post – made with ACF – and ACF only has WYSIWYG editor, which is the same as TinyMCE. As far as I know, they are not going to add block editor as a field like the classic editor.


  1. Is there an updated, maintained plugin for this?
  2. If not, is it possible to load the KaTeX js library inside the admin area and make it render the shortcodes? For example [katex]\nabla[/katex] inside the “text” tab, renders as in the “Visual” tab?
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