Adding numbers to an image based on co-ordinates


I’m very new to WordPress and trying to work out an issue that in theory is easy but in practice has been frustratingly difficult.

I have a database with 5 columns and each contains a co-ordinate. I want to create a page where a user selects some filters and it returns the corresponding row of 5 co-ordinates. I then want these co-ordinates to be added onto a picture of a map as numbers that reflect the column number.

I.e. user filters imply row 5, where column 1 is co-ordinates (a,b) and column 2 is co-ordinates (c,d).. so on the picture a number (1) will appear at (a,b) and a (2) at (c,d).. preferably I’d also add an arrow pointing from 1 to 2 (and 2 to 3, etc..) but starting simple!

Edit: The picture is a map that I have and doesn’t need to be uploaded by the user!

How would you suggest I approach this problem?


p.s. I can code this functionality on Python, if that helps!

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