Adding new WP installations to extend existing subdirectory install


I installed WordPress into a subdirectory of my domain (e.g., It was initially for testing purposes, but it turned out to work so well that I kept it going. I did think of moving it to the domain root, but I decided to keep it at its subdirectory, since I’m now thinking of creating other distinct sections on other subdirectories this domain, and the subdirectory /jack is accurate for my purposes of encapsulating that part of the whole scheme. Plus, it’s got well established SEO now and I don’t feel like making a lot of redirects.

So now I’m thinking of the other WordPress installations on this domain.

I understand from the documentation that I can’t use multisite with a subdirectory install, because my existing subdirectory WordPress installation is established – over a month old. (I guess the problem is that permalinks might duplicate as subdirectory names?) The other choice for multisite is to use subdomains – but I don’t want to use subdomains.

So, I guess it’s a matter of further, separate WordPress installations in subdirectories, like new, separate ones in and etc.

  1. Is this a common, workable practice?

  2. If it is, I still have nothing in the domain root ( I’m not using it. Can I just make a fresh WordPress installation there (perhaps as the ‘home’ of all the others that I’m planning)? Or if there’s something wrong with that, is there a way I could install one of my other new WordPress installations into its subdirectory and then have it display from the root?

  3. If I did either of those for a new root installation, wouldn’t I have to constantly be on guard that the root installation never has a post or page permalink name that duplicates the name of one of the subdirectory installs?

  4. Can I use the same database for all of the new WordPress installations?

Maybe I should add that the whole domain is currently routed through CloudFlare (not sure if that will be relevant).

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