Add_Submenu_Page for Custom Post Type – loading submenu, but not firing callable function


I am using add_submenu_page for a custom post type – it’s hooked properly. It’s adding the submenu correctly – Stripe Settings shows up in the custom post type menu products, but the callable function ‘stripe_render_options_page’, which is supposed to fire the function, does not fire at all. What am I missing?

    function stripe_submenu_settings_setup() {

        __( 'Stripe Settings', 'customproducts' ),
        __( 'Stripe Settings', 'customproducts' ),

//this function is not firing...why?
function stripe_render_options_page() {
    echo(' you read me?..');
    //computer looks away, annoyed that it gets paid nothing for its work.

Here is the reference for the function:

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