Add WordPress Core CSS into editor-style.css


I am using a custom child theme (from Parabola, Cryout Creations, lastest version), but it seems that the editor-style.css file is not up-to-date. Rather than rewriting everything, I would like it to contain every css used on the front-end, so TinyMCE looks as close as the published page/article (this is important).

In order to do that, I have created a new editor-style.css file in my child theme, so it overrides the not-up-to-date file. So far, it includes the styles.css file from my theme, but it lacks a lot of CSS from WordPress Core (the one on line 60 on the index file :

So, how to add this “core CSS” to my editor-style.css file ? And would it be the best way to do this ? I have seen many stuff talking about the add_editor_style function, but I do not know if I could use it to do what I want nor how.

how can i do this?

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