Add quantity of variations together and show it to parent quantity field Woocommerce


On my site i am using woocommerce and i am importing products from XML using WP ALL IMPORT.
i have the problem that the parent product has not any quantity or it is taking the quantity of the first variation.

I would like to add all the variation’s quantity together and show it to the parent quantity field of the product.
For example.
One product has 3 Variations. Variation 1 has quantity 10, variation 2 has quantity 5 and variation 3 has quantity 20. If we add them together we will have 35 quantity of all variations. I need that amount to show it on the parent’s quantity field. With that way i can order the items on my shop more easily and i could see how many quantity in total i have.

Now i am opening every time the variations to check that.

I contacted WP ALL IMPORT and they said that, that is possible with custom coding on it.
WP ALL IMPORT’s Plugin has a functions editor field for custom coding that can be used when importing products

Thanks for your help.

nikosvl97 2 years 2020-12-22T02:10:39-05:00 0 Answers 5 views 0

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