Add New Tab to Woocommerce My Account [closed]


So, I’m building a website and I need to add a new Tab in the WooCommerce My Account section. When you visit the My Account page you get options like Edit Profile, Orders, Downloads, etc.. I want another Menu/Page there called “Projects”, so the idea is that, I am a graphic designer, whenever someone buys a design from me (a logo for example). I want to add a Tab to their account, that shows:

1- Project name which will be retrieved from the checkout page form (a user can buy multiple logo designs from me)

And 2- under each project, when a user clicks on a certain project name, there must be a grid of images (3×3 or whatever) that are my entries = the logo concepts i sent them (meaning i have to upload them from my end so that they will be visible to them)

Is there any plugins that I can tweak or maybe functions to add?

Thank you in advance

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