Add Custom Field in Product in WP Admin and send to Order Webhook



I am new to WP and WC and pls help.

I have a Product Page with variations. What I am trying to do is to create a Custom Text Box in the Advanced tab of the Product Page where I can enter the Image Name for (eg. RedShirt_xxl.jpg) against Each Product. When someone places an Order, the file name should be sent to Webhook along with the Order JSON.

For eg. each product there are 4 colors and 4 sizes, and for each combination (like Blue Color and XL) I need to specify a filename for each product and this Name (for eg. Blue_xl.jpb or red_xl.jpg or green_xxl.jpg) should be sent to the Order Webhook to be processed

The complexity is for each variation like Blue, Red or Orange, the file name changes and I am stuck on a how to add filenames to each variation.

Or if there is some other better method pls advice.

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