ACF WPML translation (connect field groups)


I have custom post type with solutions as you can see here: . I’m using WPML to translate this solutions in different languages. I created 3 different field groups for each language in ACF, they are basically the same but only options inside are translated for each language . I set in ACF condition to load field group according to selected language if I’m creating a new solution. So for example, if I want to create new solution, I check English language checkbox and then English field group will load as you can see here . Everything works perfect, I publish solution and everthing works. But then, if I want to create a translation for example DE translation and I click on PLUS icon (FLAG) in WPML solutions, then the page is blank. What I need ? I need to do that if I click on translate to DE language for example, the all ACF fields will be copied from English ACF field group to DE ACF field group (text fields, image field and gallery field) and there user edit the text to DE language.  Because now user have to fill all fields from start (including image acf field and gallery acf field). Here you can see that all fields are blank in DE language: |  

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