ACF field group not showing in page


i’ve created an ACF field group just for one page, since my clients will need to upload 2 files directly related to that page (it’s a page about a basketball team, so they’ll have to upload the leaderboards and upcoming matches from time to time).
So i’ve set up the field group like this:

field group setup

As you can see this field group only shows if the page is 1° divisione (the team’s name).

But when it comes to call that field group in the page, it doesn’t show – as you can see from the screen below; instead completely unrelated field groups are shown (these 2 field group are used for posts, not pages).

custom field not showing in the page

What am i missing? I need those documents to be file custom fields as i’ve created a front-end dashboard for my clients to manage the posts, and i want to add the edit files functionality.

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