2 or more WordPress instances (Live vs Staging Test site) –> access 1 uploads.domain.com — images holder – see images in Media Library


RE: Media Library – Images (With Database entries)

uploads.domain.com — contains all the images I use in my Main LIVE site.

Installing wordpress in a few other subdomains. (Woocommerce, with 16k+ photos)

In order to access the images in uploads.domain.com from different wordpress instances Media Library — Images to show up in respective folders (Real Media Library with Physical Media plugin).

Further illustrate the point :

  1. domain.com has main wordpress with the images in place (Media Library all set)
  2. s1.domain.com wordpress installed, need access to those images in the same upload.domain.com folder.

What can I do?

A) Use WordPress very own Exporter and Importer under Tools? (Does this export Database entries of the images? – will it also deal with exporting of the physical image files
— which I don’t require as its in the one and only uploads.domain.com?)

B) Add from Server plugin? (which seems not an updated plugin and I hit an error when I tried earlier)


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