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PimpMyWoo – Customize WooCommerce in style

PimpMyWoo helps you customise the way your WooCommerce shop looks without writing a single line of code or modify any template! PimpMyWoo is designed to facilitate online shop owners, web developers and web designers (from newbies to highly experienced ones), with the whole WooCommerce customisation process. Start pimping your WooCommerce right now!

The Benefits Of Using PimpMyWoo

  • you can customize virtually any aspect of your default listing pages or product page in seconds
  • you can customize virtually the whole image of your shop in minutes
  • you get premium support from a highly motivated and enthusiastic team
  • it works with ANY WordPress theme (free or paid)
  • no programming or design skills required

Other highlights include multi-language ready (pot file provided), extremely easy to install and use, intuitive interface, and many many more.

What I Can Customise in my WooCommerce store?

You can customise virtually everything like fonts (Google Fonts), colours, backgrounds, borders (including radius), line heights, letter spacing, paddings, and many more. All those new styles can be applied to Add to Cart buttons, product titles, prices, badges etc., on default WooCommerce product listing pages (shop page, archives, etc.), WooCommerce widget listings (recently viewed products, products from categories, etc.) and the Cart page.

Think of Xmas for example. With PimpMyWoo you can customize your WooCommerce and in just few seconds you can get yourself some good looking Add to Cart buttons that will definitely increase your conversion rate. A red button, green dashed border with let’s say 5px width and you’re done. In no more than 8 seconds you’re ready to rock! Start to Customize WooCommerce now!

PimpMyWoo - WooCommerce Styler / Customizer WordPress Plugin

Of course you can customize your WooCommerce and do all those things in seconds, having ANY WordPress theme, without any HTML, CSS knowledge, without writing a single line of code, for any event that you can think of like Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Summer Holiday, Winter Holiday and so on.

Who Is PimpMyWoo For?

PimpMyWoo – WooCommerce Styler / Customizer Plugin is for shop owners because they can easily customise their online shop without any HTML, CSS or JS knowledge, as long as they know how to login into their WooCommerce admin dashboard.

PimpMyWoo – WooCommerce Styler / Customizer Plugin is for professionals (web developers and web designers) because they can easily use this plugin to speed up the development process and to focus on their actual job.

What About Support And Ongoing Development?

PimpMyWoo – WooCommerce Styler / Customizer Plugin is well maintained and supported. We have a very big list of new features to include in our next planned releases but we also hear you, our valuable customer. We will definitely take into consideration every pertinent suggestion that you will send us.

For demo please go to PimpMyWoo – WooCommerce Styler / Customizer Plugin page and use the following credentials:
Username: demo
Password: demo

PimpMyWoo is developed by SCGC (check out the portfolio).


v1.1.0 (10 January, 2016) – [New feature] – WooCommerce Cart Page
v1.0.1 (7 January, 2016) – [Bug fix] – Fixed some internal links
v1.0.0 (5 January, 2016) – Initial release

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