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NEW Yoast SEO Tutorial 2019 (BEST SETTINGS) How to Setup Yoast WordPress

This is an updated Yoast Tutorial as of September 2019!
Watch my NEWEST Elementor Tutorial for 2019 here:
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Here is the article i talked about in the video:

Learn how to use the amazing yoast plugin! The yoast plugin helps optimize your wordpress website for search engines like google and bing. You can change the way your website appears in the search engines. It can really increase the organic growth of your website as well. In this yoast seo tutorial, i will cover all the things you need to know about the yoast SEO plugin!


6:18 – Creating OPTIMAL Settings
17:12 Google Verification
21:21 – Page Optimization

Let me know your experience with the yoast seo plugin. I have used it over many years and its a pretty simple plugin to use thats very user friendly!

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Comments ( 29 )

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! If need any SEO tips or want to know anything about the tutorial, feel free to let me know in the comments below! See you in the tutorial :p EDIT: I probably should of edited me clearing my throat lol. oops!

  2. When I authenticate with Google, Yoast shows my Current Profile as "" instead of "https:///". What's going on? I am hosting on BlueHost.

  3. hey darrel….could you tell who was hired in for SEO

  4. Do you need a G mail account for every web site you own or can you just use one G mail account for all of them

  5. Thank you so much for this amazing video. Although, I want to know that the companies which are charging loads of money for SEO per month and charging money per keyword, are they doing these things only or are they doing something different which cannot be done by a non-professional?

  6. Ok so I got about 4 urls so far that the google spiders crawled on my site as of today 9/30/19 at 5:53pm est… I submitted my site map about 4:44pm… So what do I do now?

  7. Thanks very much, great SEO tutorial on Yoast!!

  8. ?What video recording software you are using Darrel?

    ?What is the best content software writer to do all the work for me far as normal unique content writing is best for me to use?

    P.S – I'm about to get out my bed from watchin old NBA classic games & do everything you said in this video… here's my site:

    It already has great content & fast upload speed… I paid for this site.. but far as new content goes I don't want to strain my brain to do this thinkin on what to say & how to say it with my keywords in description… Now I have a mac computer & signed up for arron rewriter content software tool about 2 months ago but the software only works for windows not for mac when installing… do you another content software tool I can use that is powerful when writing warm normal content about my niche? Which is MMO/Affiliate marketing

  9. Hey. This is one of your best tutorials. Really really good. Thanks a bundle, mate!

  10. I've followed your suggestions for four of my sites and find that I am not getting the sitemap_index.html. I am only getting these sitemaps: post-sitemap.xml, page-sitemap.xml & category-sitemap.xml. How do I get the sitemap_index.html?

  11. Please i do have a question. Where do you get resources for website design inspiration and probably free resources

  12. Thank you darel. I really love your videos. You explain things quite well

  13. Great tutorial, Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hey Darrel, I'm setting up this e-commerce site, it is a template and I installed the sample data. Is all the sample data going to show in the google results? Should I delete all the sample data before I put the site live?

  15. Your way of teaching in this tutorial has improved massively & yes I agree with “wordpress guru”… I give you that credit.
    Thanks for the updating “toast seo”

    Please keep your tutorials coming & special on Brizy & Divi

  16. Keep doing what you are doing!!!

  17. Hey Darrel, make a video tutorial for Yoast woocommerce Seo Plugin.

  18. Thanx for posting. I've been using Yoast for a while. Is there any harm in going thru the Configuration Wizard again/after i've been using it for a while? I don't want to damage/break my site.

  19. Everyone saying Rankmath free version is better than even Yoast premium. If it's true so why don't you making a video about Rankmath?

  20. You are incredible Darrel! I have wanted to do that forever, but every time I've tried, I've got lost at the very first stage and quite honestly, I have no interest in learning it. But I was able to follow and take every step in this video, right to the end! Happy, happy, joy, joy. 🙂

  21. But..I thought i was going to learn how to make yam toast!

  22. Darrel really helped me grow my channel, you can check out my iPhone give away on my Channel

  23. Loving the new intro and nice content as always.
    Thank you bro. Upwards.

  24. Hi Darrell!
    I've been having problems with Yoast for the longest time,this helped a lot.
    PS: It's my birthday today!

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