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Monkey Budget Planner

Plugin Description

Monkey Budget Planner is a simple and unique tool that allows you to input your Incoming Finances and add all your outgoings, you can add as many as you like, its unlimited!

You will then be presented with a calculation of your total Annual Incomings and your Total Annual Outgoings.

You can then filter this to see your Monthly, Fortnightly or even Weekly incoming/outgoings.

You can then print or email the results to yourself! Simple!

Monkey Budget Planner

Use the Monkey Budget planner as an exciting tool to drive traffic to your website through a socail network/email campaign. Users will love using the Monkey Budget Planner on your website!

Monkey Budget Planner Email

Plugin Settings

The Monkey Budget Planner is easily installed in your WordPress Website and allows you to customise your Budget Planner in any color you like, its unlimited!

You can also edit the Budget Planner Heading, Call it anything you like! You can also mange your currency Icon from within this section also, simply type in your preferred currecy option and it will display throughout the Budget Planner.

Thanks for checking it out!

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