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Iks Menu – Super Customizable Accordion Menu for WordPress

Iks Menu is a WordPress plugin that provides powerful customizable system, has loads of settings for creating Accordion menus.
Also has more than 15 starter skins – so it’s super easy to use for beginners and very customizable for advanced users.

Review 1


1. Supports taxonomy and custom menus

2. Fast and usable menu editor

3. Unique settings for setting up menus

4. Customize appearance for any part of menu

5. Supports exporting and importing settings

6. Provides expand/collapsing animations


15+ Awesome looking menus out of the box. Start using skins with clean design right now with just one click.


3 variants of how to use plugin

1. Widget – Use it directly in widget area

2. Shortcode – Use it anywhere with shortcode

3. PHP code injection – Use it anywhere in your theme with PHP code


1. Get help anytime 24/7

Ask your question on CodeCanyon and we will help you anyway

2. See documentation for plugin

Super detailed docs for better understanding how plugin works

3. Does not suit for you?

Offer new features for plugin and we will provide it in nearly future

Change Log


  • Ability to order content (link, image, toggle, etc.)
  • Search for terms
  • Customizing widget area (header, content, etc.)
  • Shortcode attributes
  • Loading menus by AJAX
  • Group skins by tags (like flat, white, colored, etc.)
  • Translate plugin into other languages

In progress

  • New skins every week
  • WP do_actions and filters

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