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How to – WordPress Install through QuickInstall at

Quick tutorial on installing WordPress through the QuickInstall tool on your account.
Read more at:

“Test Drive” by Zapac

is licensed under a Creative Commons license:

Comments ( 13 )

  1. I've chosen to make the wordpress blog my main page for an addon domain I've created; when I get to the step shown at 1:37 I'm directed to the correct addon domain but theres an error page, no default wordpress blog theme or anything. Should I have made the Application URL "" instead of just ""?

  2. Question… Can I install more than one blog on my HostGator site?  For distinct Blog Subjects?

  3. Hello, this does not show my page after i install word press. i tried several times uninstalling it, and then installing it back again. can you help me to solve this problem. 

  4. after installing wordpress when i click 'here' to go to my blog main page does not load, why?

  5. Just a friendly reminder.  Be sure your domain name points towards the IP address of your Host Gator account.  That is the main reason why the link doesn't lead to the web page. 

  6. thank god for tutorials that are useful + not made by a 9 year old

  7. Very concise and informative video!
    Thank you very much

  8. Short, sweet and accurate. Thanks.

  9. This was really helpful. Thanks a lot

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