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How to Use the Revolution Slider Plugin on WordPress 2019 – FULL TUTORIAL

Learn how to create beautiful sliders on WordPress using Slider Revolution Plugin. This video teaches you Step by Step Slider Revolution usage on your WordPress pages.

Get Slider Revolution Plugin (without license key) for $5 with Lifetime updates:

Get Slider Revolution Plugin (with license key) for $26:

Text Tutorial can be found at:

You will become an expert of slider revolution plugin after watching this video till end.

Step#1: Visit the slider revolution plugin site and buy it.
Step#2: Download the slider revolution plugin on your computer.
Step#3: Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
Step#4: Go to “Plugins” Tab and click on “Add New” button.
Step#5: Click on “Upload” plugin button and upload the slider revolution plugin on your WordPress website.
Step#6: Install and Activate the Slider Revolution Plugin.
Step#7: Go to Slider Revolution tab and follow the steps explained in the video in order to start creating your sliders using the best WordPress slider revolution slider plugin.

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Hope after watching this video, you all will be able to set up a beautiful slider on your WordPress website with the slider revolution plugin. Good Luck.

Comments ( 36 )

  1. Hi Saddam thank you very much for doing this video. Great content and lots of help. Does having a slider slow down loading on mobile? And if so can it be turned off for mobile only?

  2. Good day Saddam do you get the puchase code to activate the plugin?

  3. Sorry, how can this be a 2019 video if it's published in 2017? Misleading. Thumbs down and reported.

  4. Thanks buddy for nice explanation!

  5. I think you explain things well. Can I use Slider Revolution on an individual post to create an in article slideshow? How would I do that?

  6. Very clear and easy to understand tutorial. Thank you!

  7. Awesome, your videos are outstanding from others because very simple to understand. So I love your videos.

  8. the best !

    I would like to have a finger instead the cursor when I will hover over linked items/slides of a slide on Revolution Slider. please, if you help me

  9. That music just gave me ear cancer.

  10. Thank you for educate me:) Very useful!

  11. hey man keep up the good work…. much enjoyed and you gave me a good feeling about this wonderful plugin

  12. Thanx for this video you solve my problem

  13. Compared with Elementor Page Builder, which is better?

  14. Hi, for a slide 1100 pixels x 500 pixels, what should be the slide in inches..Can you suggest as I am using your plug in and want to see that the effect is the best.

  15. Thank you so much. This was excellent. Just what I was looking for.

  16. Thank  you – I have an issue – my first slider looks like it's showing up in dashboard, I have saved it, but when I go to live site it doesn't exist.  I tried adding an extra slide with it and moving it and still no luck.  Also, how do I delete a slide?  The slide I'm on doesn't have that as a drop in.  Hope you can help!

  17. You're the best! Thank you for making the video. It is so helpful!!!!

  18. i was very confused but when i watched the video tutorial i become a very happy ,,, Thank you so much Team.

  19. Great tutorial! Short and very easy to follow. All of the other videos on the slider were too long or didn't cover the topic as detailed as you did. Thank you for uploading this.

  20. You're the best! Thank you for making the video. It is so helpful!!!!

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