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How to Upload Images to WordPress

This lesson shows you multiple ways to upload files to your WordPress site.

There are two main ways to upload files:

1. Drag’n’drop
2. Use the file uploader


Make sure your Media Library is in grid view.

Simply locate the file (or files) on your computer, click, hold and drag them into the Media Library window. This works for both single & multiple files, and also works when you’re editing any post or page on your site.

File Uploader

1. Navigate to Media ➜ Add New
2. Click the Select Files button
3. Locate the files on your computer
4. Click Open

This also works when you’re editing any post or page on your site. Simply use the Add Media button found at the top of the editor.


When adding files directly to a post or page, make sure your cursor is placed where you want the image to appear BEFORE you drop it onto the page. The image will be inserted wherever your cursor is.

What type of files can you upload?

By default, WordPress let’s you upload images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif), PDFs, audio files, video files and more.

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  1. Maybe a silly question, but if a website is basically all WordPress, can I upload an image somewhere, where it can be accessed off the root? I'd really prefer not to use the whole url to the media directory to show a file. In other words, just using "". Thanks!

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