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How to upload and add videos to WordPress

How to upload and add videos to WordPress directly from your computer watch on or worbsite and feel free to watch on our blog and test it on your mobile devices etc

Checkout our WordPress and Video hosting at:: let us know.

Please note there is no extra charge for this service, we only charge for website design, hosting space and coaching.

If you need more Hosting space, you can upgrade to the next level or contact us if you only want the extra space.

Plans & Pricing :

Contact us:

Comments ( 7 )

  1. i got this error Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not found 🙁

  2. Ok so your limit is 50mb. Mine is only 20 and my files are huge. I'm using filezilla now. My site is

  3. it is saying my video is too big. I can't be over 64 mb. Now what?

  4. But mine uploaded as link, and it is only for downloading. How to fix it?

  5. Hi ,How big is your video?


  7. i followed your   instructions, the link was there but the video was not uploaded.

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