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How To Upload An External Plugin In To WordPress

How To Upload An External Plugin Into WordPress

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In this video we are going to show you how to upload an external plugin in to your plugin section of your wordpress website.

Lets head to the desktop to show you how.

From our dashboard we need to go into our plugins which is what we have
done on the left hand side.

Then we need to click on the add new button.

we are not going to load any of these as they are internal plugins and we want to upload
an external plugin.

So click the upload plugin button, then choose file.

Then, where ever you have downloaded the file to, you will need to go and grab it.

So if I scroll down on my desktop here, Thrive Ultimatum is the one we want, so click
on the file then click open.

Now we can install, that will take a few seconds…
That’s uploaded we can now click activate.

So thats activated, so if we scroll down the plugins we wil see the Thrive Ultimatum in there,
and there it is.

There we go you have successfully added an external plugin to your WordPress website

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