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How to Update to WordPress to Version 4.6

Christina Hills from shows you in simple steps how to update WordPress to the latest version. In this video she updates to WordPress4.6, but the steps apply to any version of WordPress. See instructions here:

Comments ( 4 )

  1. hello mam i understand but plzz tell me how to backup wordpress and upload

  2. It is alright this way if it works but in trying to update 4.7, it will not update on the auto update for me – it has to be done manually which is extremely difficult and impossible for me to do. One practically has to be a developer or coder to do that. Therefore, WordPress is designed mainly for experienced developers with them in mind, not for the rest of us. I have looked at the tutorials on how to update manually and one has to know all about files in order to to that. Those tutorials are explained in developoers language – not beginners. WordPress will never change – they are a "developers club" in reality.

  3. thanks for your video , i try to login to my wordpress adman page but
    its show me error , , i have get userman and password from cpanal but
    its not access even if i try

  4. Great info 🙂 wich hosting Co do you use right now??? im looking for a new one cause the old one sucks 🙂

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