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How to Transfer Your Blog from iWeb to WordPress

Visit me at for more blogging tips & tutorials. Here’s how to use your RSS feed to transfer your blog posts from an iWeb blog into a WordPress blog.

Comments ( 3 )

  1. so helpful!!! does this work with podcast blogs?

  2. Hello.  I have an iWeb website; it's not a blog, though.  Will I still be able to import the pages from iWeb to WordPress, please?  Thanks :o)

  3. Regarding RageSW's iWeb to WordPress converter: it's no longer available. In order to convert an iWeb blog thru Rage, you have to pay them for hosting. (which won't work for me) And now that MobileMe is gone, you don't have to worry about converting comments anyway. Also, it appears that you can set iWeb's main blog post page to a max of 50 entries, which also appears to be the max number of posts you can grab thru RSS.

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