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How to Start a WordPress Blog | Blog Tutorial for Beginners

In this video we’ll show you how to start a WordPress blog for 2019. Follow along step by step:

Rather than give you a one-size fits all approach, I’ll show you the fundamentals and give you the resources you’ll need to create the exact type of blog you’re looking for.

Discount hosting:
WordPress Theme:

Useful articles:
Best fashion blog themes:
Best travel blog themes:
Best lifestyle / General blog themes:

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Here’s what we cover in this video:
0:00 | Introduction
2:27 | How to register your domain and set up hosting for your WordPress blog
– How to install WordPress for your blog
9:13 | WordPress overview for beginners – an introduction to your WordPress blog
– For a comprehensive intro to WordPress, see our ‘How to use WordPress’ video:
| In the video mentioned above, we’ll cover:
– Understanding the global WordPress settings for your blog
– Managing and creating posts and pages in WordPress
– Using the media library
– Introduction to menus and widgets (more covered later)
12:30 | Choosing, uploading, and installing your WordPress theme
18:29 | Exploring the theme documentation, installing plugins, and uploading the demo content (
25:10 | Customizing your blog via the WordPress theme customizer
28:50 | Customizing your blog – Setting menus for your WordPress blog
39:08 | Customizing your blog – How to update the widgets for your WordPress blog
47:55 | Final customization recommendations
48:34 | Adding a contact form to your blog with Contact Form 7

MailChimp code:
input[type=”email”], input[type=”submit”] {margin-top:15px;}

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Comments ( 36 )

  1. This tutorial is very helpful and am a beginner to WordPress and with this video I was able to create a website that is looking pretty awesome. Thank you very much.

  2. There is no plugin named WP Instagram Widget? Has the name changed? Please help. Thanks

  3. hi Im following your steps, I bought a domain through Bluehost, but when I click dashboard, there is nothing there. Please help?

  4. this is not beginner friendly. not a good idea to give tutorials using premium themes

  5. this has helped me so much, I was struggling; but thanks to you, my blog is on it's way!!! thank you so much!!

  6. quick question. I have just upgraded to the $69 package pro theme. I havent yet customised but i dont see that it automatically updates the package. What do i do now, please? I was on roll… Thanks for providing such a great easy to use service

  7. awesome dude, why you stop to making tutorials? we want to learn more things from you . Please start you journey again.

  8. should you sign up for this first before you sign up for a blog?

  9. This video was super helpful, thank you!

  10. The WP instagram widget by Scott Evans is no longer there. What can I use to replace that or where can I get it at? HELP

  11. What is you start a blog with Can you change to easily!

  12. I did the same thing yesterday and I don't get why it did not allow me to finish all the processes because once I choose the PayPal option it insisted I should pay so one must pay in order to continue? and have your own blog?

  13. All of my pictures look blurry and awful. Is there a size guide? You mentioned at the beginnign you were going to cover that but I didn't see anything about it later. Also, I edited the Menus, but how do I make each button take me to the correct section? Please help!


  15. which theme you use for Your Blog Of

  16. One big advert for premium upgrade Olsen is slim in its free version

  17. Hi I have problem I sing up for and as it shows on video it has limited options. It is possible to change to or is completely different site, because I have already buissenes plan on the first one and I dont want to pay 2 times thanks

  18. I have already installed and paid for Word press…Is Blue Host necessary? If yes, what should I do? Thank you. P.s. this video is great!

  19. Omg I did it. I loveeee youuuu, omg. You don’t understand how happy I am right now. Thank youuuuu xoxo

  20. Hi I just created a website, but can I convert it into a blog?

  21. Great Tutorial! QUESTION: on the front page of the blog, in the right side bar, under the widgets, there are sub-catagories… They came up automatically when I enstalled the blog (Listed as : Fashion, Looks, Music, Nature, Travel) What are they and how do we remove them?

  22. Thank you so very much for this AWESOME tutorial! For someone who most of this goes way over my head I was able to follow step by step and get my blog going! What a gift!! I subscribed to your channel. quick question lol! "How do I get the sample images off the front page?" I've tried for over an hour to even find out "where they are lol!

  23. can I use my YouTube adsense account on blog or I should create new adsense account ..pls I will be very grateful if you can reply me thanks

  24. Super helpful! I would definetely subscribe if you could also show how you can make a pop-up screen that allows you to choose between two languages. So that different people can be send to different language sites? Thank you in advance 🙂

  25. Great tutorial very detailed and specific.
    I would like to see some information about convertkit or other suggestions.
    thank you!

  26. Probably the most useful video I have found on line!!! I so needed this and grateful I found it. Many thanks!

  27. Great content but too much vocal fry

  28. You lost me on the import/export widget stuff and plug ins, but the rest was pretty easy.

  29. thank you. however it will be much better if you use free theme. I don't want to buy the theme that I probably don't want because you are using it. If you think of making more helpful content free access resources will be much better. My opinion.

  30. I love this theme. I started with the Olsen Light Version but I just upgraded to Premium. It's not giving me the extra columns or the sample content. I'm not sure what went wrong.

  31. I'd like to hear more on subscribing to mail chimp and how to use that on my website. Thanks!

  32. wow… I spent last night and today listening…pause…do the activity… listen … pause and do… so my blog is at a point to add content… wow… worth the effort… some of the free version doesn't have some options like the newsletter…but I can create that I think… I will find a way to have them subscribe using that form item!

  33. You advertise your products alot..

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