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How To Setup Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin (2018)

Watch GetSiteControl Video:

If you are looking to easily integrate a contact form into your WordPress website without needing to waste time coding then watch this video!

In this Contact Form 7 tutorial, you are about to learn:
1. How to Install Contact form 7
2. How to setup your first contact form

Why Use Contact Form 7?

Although, there are plenty of other options. Contact Form 7 is probably one of the easiest plugins to implement. Besides, this plugin has more than 1 million active installations and 4.5 rating.

It has been severely tested and for this reason, it has few or none known bugs.

This plugin is ideal for beginners. Who normally don’t want to spend time setting up complex features or learning coding.

You can nearly install this plugin and immediately start using it in your WordPress website.

How To Install Contact Form 7

1st – Head over to your WordPress dashboard area
2nd – Add new plugin
3rd – Search for, “contact form 7”
4th – In the following listing, choose to install and then active this plugin

Afterward, you will have a new section appearing called, “contact”. Just click on this option and you will be able to see that you already have a pre-made contact form. This form is automatically created with your installation.

It comes with all the standard and necessary fields, such as: email address, name, topic and text box.

If you want you can grab its shortcode and then paste it into a new page.

In case, you have any question please leave it right below! Thanks for watching!

Contact Form 7 Official page:

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Comments ( 29 )

  1. If want to try a great contact form alternative then check my video tutorial here about HappyForms:

  2. basically the tutorial start after 8 minutes 🙂

  3. Thank you very small problem bother me 30 minutes

  4. I am a new business owner and still a Newby to the world of the Internet. So much to learn. Thank you so very much for how you did this video. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you!

  5. I am getting error as there was an error submitting your message plz try again later…what to do now? and let me know pls why I am getting this error

  6. Starts at 2:23
    Turn off volume, playback speed 2……. helps.

  7. But how do you change where the "Thank you, message sent!" message will be displayed? After they contact you, they will get this little confirmation message on the screen. Right now, it just dumps that message right underneath the field where they enter their Name. You have to be looking for it to even see it, and it gives you this impression that nothing has happened. How do you change it to display another page that says "Message sent!" or something like that. Instead of what it does now, which looks bad.

  8. Dude thanks for the upload, but please get to the point!

  9. Hello, Please help me I have a problem in contact form 7. When I type in the section of "your message". The text is in white color. And is not showing because the background is white also. So I want to change it to the black color. Please help. Thank you

  10. This video is so much longer than it needs to be jeez!

  11. Thank you so much, Jordan Alexo! Very useful tutorial and explained in details.

  12. Dreadful instructor too much waffle

  13. Doesn't send the File when Up loaded why not can you help : ( : ( things never work like they do on videos : (

  14. Hello there, what is your favorite page builder ? I utilize quite a few though my builder of choice is Oxygen.
    Thanks for your time and effort with this video footage – wonderful stuff!!

  15. very short You should have told me 24 hours

  16. Where should i choose the Akismet options? (to prevent spam? All labels or ….?)

  17. How to Restrict Stop URL's being entered into the Message section on form ?
    This is good to stop the humans entering porn links into the forms!

  18. You didn't cover the mail tab sufficiently. All those optional fields you added on the form (birth date, where do you live?) don't get sent to your mail…because you didn't cover how to configure the mail tab to receive those. What a waste of time.

  19. This was really helpful thanks

  20. Hi, can we send mail conditional on the basis of db values change ?

  21. I tried it locally it didn't word it says: " There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later." anyone can answer me? or i should host it first?

  22. Thank you for this video, Jordan. For the longest time I couldn't understand why my contact form was constantly telling me that I had invalid mail syntax. After watching your video, I was finally able to figure it out while working within the bounds of the theme my WebDev made for me.

    Thanks again!

  23. How do you set up the "FROM" email?!

  24. how can i make a conditional logic contact form ?

  25. CF7 is one of the best form generator.
    You made a great tutorial but haven't covered the most important part.
    You have to edit the Message Body under the Mail Tab in order for the CF7 form to work.

  26. Thank you so much Alexo I had accidentally deleted contact form,

    Error: Contact form not found.

    on my blog and this video has helped me greatly. Cheers!

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