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How to Properly Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

Looking to monetize your site with the powerful tool Google AdSense? Getting started with Google AdSense can feel a bit overwhelming for new users. We’ve helped hundreds of users get started and properly add Google AdSense to their WordPress sites.

Google Adsense is an advertising network run by Google to help bloggers and site owners have the opportunity to earn money by showing text, images, video, and other advertising on their website targeted to their audience.

To start out you will want to sign up for a Google Adsense account on the Google AdSense site you can find a link to the site here:

The should respond within eight hours telling you if you passed the review process and when that is completed you will be able to log in and create an ad unit.

Our video will guide you through our recommended settings as well as the usual locations for where you can add the ad to your site as well as some general troubleshooting should you have issues with the ads.

Text version of this tutorial

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Comments ( 47 )

  1. This looks totally different from what I'm seeing on my adsense & wordpress account ?

  2. Hi, I followed all your steps 2 days ago and I'm still seeing blank spaces. How long does it take for the ads to appear do you know? Also, is there a specific traffic requirement or does it not matter given that I'm a business member?

  3. I dont know how to add it to my website

  4. , i have a doubt. unfortunatly yesterday my adsense account was disabled due to invalid click. but domain is not banned by google. so can i use another adsense on same wordpress blog? i mean in same domain? please reply

  5. Can you update this video. I tried it exactly how you showed here and it still does not work and the way Google Adsense looks now is a little different than when you did this video. Please help. My ads are not showing no matter what I do. I've been trying to fix this for a long time and still ads will not show up.

  6. Your audio is faster than the video. Was that recorded separate???

  7. I get this message in Adsense:
    Earnings at risk – One or more of your sites does not have an ads.txt file. Fix this now to avoid severe impact to your revenue..

    You need to add your publisher ID to the following ads.txt files:

    I have added publisher ID But still getting error even after 15 days
    please help..

    AdSense Support Team not help me .

    AdSense is a self-service product so we are unable to provide support for all issues via email. We encourage you to use the resources available in the AdSense interface, Help Center, and user-to-user forum to resolve your issue.

    I can't find any answer. Now you only my last hope…
    Please help me..

  8. When I paste the code it shows 4 errors and I don't know how to fix them. Script tags are not allowed and also two attributes it says are not allowed

  9. thank you this was really helpful

  10. Ok, so this only works with a paid website? I have a free site and just in reading the comments, it sounds like I can't add adsense to my website the way it is now? Why is it so hard to find this out? I tried googling if I can monetize my free wordpress site and it brought me to this video so this whole time I thought it was going to work. I just don't understand why someone just doesn't say, "no, it does not work on a free wordpress website". All I'm trying to do is monetize my youtube channel, but it says I have to add a website. Well, my website is So does this mean I cannot monetize my youtube channel?? This is just so frustrating…

  11. I am so lost when it comes to this adsense stuff. I just followed your steps, but it says, "There are 6 errors which must be fixed before you can save". What do I do?

  12. When do we need a Google Adsense on your blog? After gaining a decent amount of traffic?? Or

  13. youtube needs a way to retire old videos or let authors "freshen" them. I never saw "my ads", so who knows what I did to my site. Thanks for posting….

  14. Thank you so very much. Very well explained. Simple and effective.

  15. The thing is, I do not have the option to even get into ads because I do not know where to post my code on my site

  16. Thanks for the informative video! I've got an issue and it is the "Valuable inventory: Under construction" error. How do I fix this?

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. Hello , Can i use this for freedomain ?

  18. This worked for me! Thank you so much I've subscribed!

  19. I tried it the thi come out "There are 6 errors which must be fixed before you can save." 🙁

  20. I signed up for free and didn’t upgrade plans. Still applicable?

  21. Can i add ads on my free plan wordpress?

  22. can i used hosted account adsense for this tips?

  23. Really helpful information, thanks!

  24. See, I have a blog, and googleadsense seems to be the best reccomended way to monetize but I find it odd and a bit confusing – not how to set up but just the reasoning? – like do you earn simply by having the ads on your site or do users actually have to click on them? Because I myself have never clicked on an ad because they've never interested me…

  25. Why does it take so long for the ad to appear?

  26. hello..I want to ask how can I monetize my blog with ads. I dont know how to write the ads text to enable the monetize. what other setting I should fill to get monetize from ads?. thanks

  27. When i put adsen ad to my website ads is blank appear in my website, how to fix this issue???

  28. So frustrating, I’ve been trying to get an add to appear for about 2 months. This video did not work at all for me. It’s a nice vid, all the same, at least I learnt a new widget.

  29. I have a free blog on wordpress is it possible ti add adsense for free

  30. It's been two days, and there are still no ads displaying. I followed this step by step.

  31. This only shows how to add an ad to the sidebar. With most people viewing on mobile, sidebars are almost irrelevant. Perhaps a new video showing how to add code into the main section and how to use google's new auto ads would be great.

  32. i can't find problem in my website please help me
    my website:

  33. i can't input code it not allow script tag why?

  34. This is most helpful!

    Would you have any specific advise relating to adding these ads on a Elementor WordPress site as well?

  35. But what about disabling the ads that appear when you verify the site?
    Initially you have to add some code into the header when you verify and this places ads all over the place. How do you stop this and only display ad unit ads?

  36. Can you do a video with the now screen on copying and pasting g the a sense code. I'm not computer savvy. I've been trying for 2 1/2 month trying to find a video that will show the steps usi g the actual screen that YouTube uses.

  37. Do you have to post a video before you can post the adsense Code

  38. Regards to all!!
    I have a site
    It's a site for pigeons
    I have a monthly visit a thousands
    really a lot of visits
    I tried to put google ads
    I tried directly through the code in html
    also through the application
    WP QUADS – Quick AdSense Reloaded
    (The site is working in wordpress)
    I think I do everything right
    In the end, they did not show ads
    you see only the square
    or a html code appears
    so if someone
    what is the problem?
    write to me
    so please for help
    thank you all

  39. HTM code past but add is not show in wordpress 🙁

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