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How To Make A WordPress Website Within One Hour 2019

Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2019:

This video is for you when you want to create a website quickly, rather than learning step by step how every detail within your website can be adjusted. In this tutorial I show you how to make a website by importing pre made templates, so you can focus on creating a website rather than learning every detail in the process.

Some important links:
Astra Theme:
Elementor Templates:

Timestamps of the video:
00:00:33 Overview of what we will do in the tutorial
00:01:53 Get a Domain And Webhosting
00:05:16 Install WordPress
00:07:59 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
00:11:34 Create Pages
00:13:11 Create and Assign The Menu
00:15:28 Install The Astra Theme
00:16:49 Get The Elementor Page Builder
00:18:02 Custome the Astra Theme:
Upload a logo and favicon, change the website width, configure the header and menu. Remove the sidebar, change colors, configure the footer.
00:28:59 Use Elementor To Import Templates
00:31:47 Adjust the imported Template
00:38:12 Create a page in minutes using Elementor Blocks
00:46:56 Add a section as template
00:47:48 Import Templates from within Elementor
00:49:27 Using Elementor Pro
00:52:16 Import a complete page in 1 minute
00:53:23 Install the Contact Form 7 Plugin
00:54:05 Add 4 footer widgets: Sitemap, About Us Text, Facebook Likebox and Instagram Feed
00:57:48 Wrap it Up
00:58:20 How To Learn More


Comments ( 39 )

  1. can it make a comple magazine online website for me? sub links , uploads downloads

  2. Hi Ferdy,
    Thanks so much for your great tutorials. Makes using wp & elementor so much easier. Love it! I do have a question: have you ever experience that Elementor works perfect on one page and seems to crash on another page (of the same site)? Shutting off my laptop doesn't work… Please help! Thanks so much in advance. Jacobien

  3. Loved it. Thanks for the great tutorial. I will be watching all your other tutorials.

  4. Hi,
    Amazing video!! Just have a doubt in mind…well…can I use 'Elementor Pro' plugin files downloaded from piratebay site…WELLL HOW SAFE IS IT….REALLY

  5. This Astra theme you are using, are you sure it's the free one you are actually using in this video? I ask as I have downloaded the free Astra theme, and you have more options than I have. For example, in the primary header option, under mobile header, you have an option to add the word "MENU" to the mobile menu icon. However, I do not have that option. I see a button inviting me to purchase Astra Pro, a button which you do not have. Has Astra changed since you used it in this video, or are you not being totally honest with us? Great tutorial by the way. I am just starting to get to grips with WP.

  6. Great Video…Thanks….But I have a problem re: add new page . When I add page the "drag widget here" box spans over into the header title box so the content goes across the header box.. I cant seem to get it down lower? … Also despite setting enable transparancy, it stays white – this may be because of previous error? Any help appreciated as I'm not a techie & this video is such a help

  7. Hi fredy corp what measure if I want to buy an expered domian name not be banned in Google and AdSense which things i should be verified

  8. Thanks a lot mate, super tutorial!!!

  9. After struggling for over a month, today I found the best tutorial where I learnt wordpress. Thanks a ton Ferdy

  10. Ferdy or other people… Please, tell me one thing. IS RESPONSIVE??? THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  11. I was learning Brizy page builder . I liked Brizy and purchased pro for 99 US dollars for one year . But Brizy has a very very bad customer service and once we have issue than there is no one to help. After going through the negative experience of BRIZY page builder I have asked for refund and now I am plannig to look at Elementor or Divi . Which page builder is good Elementor or Divi ?

  12. Thank you for this very interesting and informative look at WordPress.

  13. Great job, but I have some problem with color overlay on first section. When I click, this option disappear .

  14. Great job. Cystal clear description Thanks a lot. Only problem I have is that after uploading your json elementor template files, they are not showing /functioning as expected. Thanks again anyway.

  15. it takes me one week to build a non nice looking a website even "sigh"

  16. Thanks for this kind of amazing video. Its really very helpful. I would be ever grateful if you could make a tutorial on how to make a blood donate website, where donor will register and people search them With blood group and specific location.

    Thank you

  17. thanks for video and make such good description

  18. You did great job Ferdy. Perfect explanation.

  19. Sorry for offense it wasn't really your fault..

    I was really pissed off that time, Nice vid btw

  20. This is the best Elementor tutorial, Thank you!

  21. Ferdy thank you so much! I am making 2 client website in 2 months. You changed my life Ferdy!

  22. I can't upload your theme it gives me a an error, I have saved it to my device but when I try and upload it with elementor it gives me an error saying it is an unrecognizable format

  23. Hi Install the Contact Form 7 Plugin is not sending email to my inbox. what to do ?

  24. netherlands, surrounding regions in europe = smartest people on earth

  25. netherlands, surrounding regions in europe = smartest people on earth

  26. Hi Ferdy. As i have checked Astra, there's no more for free. How is that?

  27. Hello I don't know what i did wrong, but the style section on elementor does not show anything when I click on it. Also, when I did go to ABOUT page does not show the menu you are showing on the video. Obvios I did something wrong while following your instructions can you give an idea what it could be?
    Thank you. Kyula

  28. Hi Ferdy! First of all big greetings from India for your Big effort. Those tutorials are such informative and beautifully described. many thanks!

  29. when I authorize my card, it says :"SiteGround performed a small card authorisation …" …. you spell it authorization (with a "z") to whoever is responsible for it 🙂

  30. There is no possibility to get a free Astra template anymore

  31. I got to 30:00 mark and the Elementor Elements aren't working? Any help would be great

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