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How to Make a WordPress Website with Elementor | 2019 (Elementor Tutorial)

Learn how to make an awesome WordPress website using the Elementor page builder plugin with this step-by-step tutorial!

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Elementor Website Template:

Follow Along Images:


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What website are we making? 0:37

Step #1: Secure Your Domain Name and Hosting 5:34

Step #2: Install WordPress 11:35

Step #3: Activate a New Theme 15:35

Step #4: Activate the Elementor Plugin 17:12

Step #5: Customize Your Website 18:59

Step #6: Add Your Contact Form 1:12:49

Step #7: Create a Header Menu 1:22:02

Step #8: Publish Your Website 1:35:01

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Comments ( 41 )

  1. What is your opinion on the Astra theme?

  2. Hey Dale do you have a video explaining downloading other elementor templates and the elementor pro version. I saw this cool one I would like to download and edit any suggestions

  3. Awesome video! Thank you so much for the detailed info. Quick question – I cannot seem to video my top menu or even show any logo on the top! Not sure if the image background has anything to do with it but I cannt seem to change or display my header! Any thoughts?

  4. My live site is in staging now, so, the URL is different and the Elementor Pro License wants activated for the staging site. In fact, whatever has a license wants activated to the staging URL. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  5. Hey Guy… I love your delivery. Your video are not one (1) big running ad. Keep them coming.

  6. I will give you a big big lovely like ^_^

  7. At about 12:14 when you are adding the heading widget, I have tried and tried this and it didn't drop into the section and turn blue to add the text. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Hi Dale I am in the section trying to add a heading widget but it's not showing add your txt here Thanks

  9. Is possible to animate the logo in a header menu when you scroll down?

  10. One tip, do not forget when you working with Pixels and you say "Almost the whole screen" that is your screen, but if you want to be consistent with anyones resolution, pixels isn't the way to go.

  11. I wonder why it logged you as not secure when you had included https for free. Shouldn't it default to the secure version? Also, I was told the /wp-admin/ should be changed for more security. Isn't that true? As you said 30% of webs are WP based, so attackers already know a door to start from.

  12. I think you got something wrong on the sheet. Not having a paid hosting doesn't mean you can't have your own domain .com or whatever you want it to be. Also, not been able to monetize the website isn't really true for most cases. I have used free hosting many times, and all of them had zero problems with monetization.

  13. Amazing video! Thanks so much! I have been clicking and clicking and wasting so much time not knowing how to do all this. I've gotten more done in one afternoon after watching this than I had in weeks. I've watched a bunch of other videos but none compare to yours. I'm truly grateful!! ?

  14. thnx a lot because of you i have done my first website .. have a look and let me know your opinion

  15. Your tutorial is great and very informative but i cant install Ocean WP or Elementor without being a business plan holder. That is quite a bit more expencive then your setup. Am i just doing something wrong?

  16. Is it possible to make a questionnaire that can be submitted with wpforms??

  17. Who can do this for me???

  18. quick tip to login: ""

  19. on step 5 after i add new homepage when i view site it takes me to some hostgator page? that has some help links and cpanel login?
    please help

  20. Such informative video thank you for this video sir

  21. Great tutorial! Keep sharing.. Thanks

  22. Thank you so much for the tutorial

  23. Hey! I already made My website with Hestia following your tutorial but I would like to know if I can use elementor because I love it and I think is gonna be better for my personal website. This will be change all that I made already or is going to improve it. Thanks you’re amazing!!! ???

  24. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I wish more content on YouTube was this good. Your video was also super easy to understand 🙂

  25. This is an excellent tutorial and at just the right speed!

  26. this is awesome – thank you

  27. Hi you sais you have a tuto about how to secure the hosting can you show me the link please ?

  28. Is this for the free Elementor download or the Pro version?

  29. What can u say about people who says website is not important anymore ??

  30. Awesome tutorial! Thank you! Only issue I had was couldn't get sound to play in background video… any suggestions?

  31. A Nice tutorial. Thanks alot.
    Can you provide links to the images that you used for your tutorial?

  32. Hey! Another McManus from Scotland here ?

  33. I wish I would find your channel sooner, thanks dude, great content!

  34. great stuff… im not ready for domain and hosting where can i practice with WP for free… or which video should i watch
    great content

  35. When it comes to drag and drop in elementor, it is not allowing me to "drop" any of the options I am selecting. Like when I try to drag and drop the "T" (text button and drop it into my header.) Just shows the circle with a line thru it and will not let me drop it or anything else anywhere. Does this make since? What am I doing wrong?

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