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How To Make a WordPress Website – In 24 Easy Steps

Learn how to create a website in 24 easy steps. Step by step with no step skipped. With the new template system you will have the most professional website on the most popular platform (WordPress) in the entire world.

Let me build your website for free!

Learn to get your domain name, hosting, install WordPress, create your website, make a logo and the best tips and tricks to make your website #1.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Visit Tyler’s website for templates and more:

Visit Enmanuel Website For Help:


1.) Introduction – 00:00:00
2.) Get Domain Name & Hosting – 00:07:08 (use startcode for the biggest discount) If you enter in my coupon code, I will receive commission when you sign up (thank you)
3.) Install WordPress – 00:12:38
4.) Login To WordPress – 00:15:08
5.) Change Password – 00:16:00
6.) Delete Plugins – 00:16:23
7.) Change Permalinks – 00:17:28
8.) Update WordPress – 00:18:53
9.) Install Theme – 00:19:22
10.) Delete Pages & Posts – 00:21:28
11.) Change Title & Tagline – 00:22:33
12.) Add Pages To Website – 00:23:47
13.) Edit Navigation Menu – 00:24:59
14.) Set Homepage To Home – 00:30:12
15.) Add Content The Old Way – 00:31:15
16.) Install Elementor Plugin – 00:32:03
17.) Create Your Home Page – 00:33:16
18.) Create Your About Page – 00:53:20
19.) Create Your Services Page – 00:57:39
20.) Create Your Contact Page – 01:10:28
21.) Create Your Logo – 01:17:01
22.) Create Your Footer – 01:19:50
23.) Create Your FavIcon – 01:25:00
24.) Logout – 01:27:39

Remember, have fun making your website 🙂

Comments ( 46 )

  1. Hello Tyler, I dont know if you re going to read this; but if you do, i will really want to thank you for this tutorial, it has help to build me up so much and i look forward in learning more and becoming a

    great webdesigner some day. thank you

  2. Cyber help me and teach me how to create a website ,please contact him on g mail did I great job for me

  3. Nice tutorial, I'm new with WordPress. I come from Design background, and I used Adobe Muse and know some Dreamweaver. I have trouble with this platform. I don't understand it, it takes a long time to do a simple edit on a website/ template that is already built. I did a mock up of my home page in Muse, and I figured I could easily put together the entire website in WordPress, and it's not happening like I expected. It's frustrating as if I try to write with my left had. I'll still try 😉

  4. I am having an issue with Ocean Extra Plug in and Elementor. If I deactivate Ocean Extra I can not remove header (34:10), if I keep plug in it makes my page publish as a blank static white page with nothing. Tyler if you can help thanks! Thanks for this great info!!!

    Universe Amnesia
    Recuerda Mi Universo It’s been a yearBut I’m still searchingSearching for somethingThat i think is missing But i don’t think I can forget youWhen the winds get cold,i called youNi…

  6. thank you so much sir you helped me a lot in making website love from india

  7. Tyler, you completely transformed me from zero knowledge beginner to proud website creator in a matter of 1:28:03, give or take a few days of polish work. Please feel free to check it out!
    P.S. Your free templates are such an incredible resource! You deserve a medal, seriously thank you!

  8. Hi and thank you so much for the video!

    I used your advice and frcided to host my website

    for less than 4 $ (!!!!) on

    Thank you so much for the advice!

  9. I've tried using wordpress for nearly a month now. I just can't believe how illogical it is to use.
    Literally nothing makes sense. The way you set up menus, edit pages, move things around.
    I've never been this frustrated in my life.
    Nice tutorial, but i just can't get this to stick in my head. Too much fumbling around from one page to another just to make 1 simple little button.

  10. i can not see my menu from my home page or my first page i built…thoughts? i had already installed elemantor and begun building website before, i saw your video and changed the menu settings in the visit site and customize. i added my links to my other pages but have not built them yet…if i click a un built page link it shows the menu…just not on home page or my first built page.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  11. My theme must have limited customization options because I do not see nearly any that are in the tutorial. Like the Topography.

  12. Can I use this tutorial if I have Blue Host and not Eliminator?

  13. Great video… I wrote a quick guide how to setup a free WordPress server on Amazon infrastructure. It's free for 12 months

  14. Thanks sooo much Tyler, i have suddenly less stress haha! 🙂

  15. I am having trouble opening my downloaded templates. It say i can’t open Json files. What program should I download / install to help with opening the files?

  16. This is AMAZING Tyler! Thank you for sharing all this! ??✔️

  17. When I click website hosting ….i get three option 1)linx shared hosting 2) windows Shared hosting 3) open source hosting. So which one i should go for.

  18. Tyler needs more love this video is probably one of the best tech tutorials

  19. Absolutely amazing. Thanks so much in explaining the steps for making website in this way too.

  20. Thanks, just because a person has knowlege, doesn't mean they are able to share it successfully. I found I was able to follow you easily. Not a techie.

  21. Tylor thanks for great tutorials. I just wonder how long before things are outdated and require new tutorials? Are you planning on making up to date once with new themes and plugins? Thanks

  22. Unbelieveable value. I have been looking for such a tutorial. You make so simple and its so detailed. I will come back after I create my website to give my experiencial views. Thank you so much.

  23. OK, the fact you said in the beginning "a 9-year-old emailed you" frightens the shisheeee out of me – why am I so nervous with IT……

  24. Don't Forget to see TIMESTAPS in description before you change this video .Thank Me Later!

  25. You, Dear Mr. Moore, are a godsend! Thank you!

  26. how about commerce page? 🙂

  27. Really nice movie, I like your voice, my website is almost done 🙂 but I have question can you make online shop for free on your website using elementor ? thanks

  28. Man….thank you so much…i won a hackathon(a product designing event ) just because of this…
    I do have a make a video regarding the database handling…creation af dynamic webpages and form really in need of back end….if you dont mind do look on to this

  29. Tyler!! Wow, what amazing work here. Thank you so much. I appreciate the level of detail you provide all the way to the very end! Love it! You don't happen to have a template for a Podcast do you? 🙂

  30. This is super amazing and easy to understand.
    Thank you for sharing Tyler.

  31. best explaination thank you so much ..

  32. this is great!! please make it more 🙂

  33. Within the Elementor section. I do not have the "My Library" option. I have ticked the My Library options in Settings. However, I still am not presented with this option, so that I can upload your Templates. Any ideas?

  34. Hi, I can't change the address on the map on Contact page. I don't have the options on the top of the page that is shown on the video. Is there a alternative way to change it??

  35. Hey Tyler! I'm coming here to give you a big thanks for this tutorial. This was by far the best one over all tutorials on how to creat a website on WordPress that I found on Youtube. Luckly I speak English and that didn't limit to tutorial in Brazil only. Thanks man for helping us out. I have a question for you. Actually, I have two questions. First, would you by chance have a paid tutorial that we could purchase and get more pro on WordPress to developing websites for others? Second, is there a chance you could make a tutorial on how to set up a blog page on WordPress. Since my website is supposed to have a blog page, it would be nice to learn how to set one up using Elementor. I've tried, but it won't let me set a blog page up. Aside from that, thanks a lot! Here's how mine turned out following your step by step tutorial. . Peace!

  36. Wow! Fantastic Video. I tried this and created a complte Website following your instructions exactly with no step skipped. After 2 years this is still valid. There are many instructional videos on youtube. This is one of the best. I know there is a newer tutorial from you. But wanted to try this first. I recommended this video to many young newbies to start up with web design. All are fully satisfied. Blessings to have multi-millions of views and benefits for your efforts!

  37. Hey Tyler,
    Thank you for the video! One month ago, I didn't have any clue on how to create a website, however, with your informative video, I managed to set up a simple website for my local business. Even though it's basic, it is completed! :):) Here it is

  38. So when scrolling, I'd like to keep the header on the top and when the page is scrolled, the header on top would stay and only the page content is being scrolled. In other words, freezing the header. How can I customize that?

  39. Hi! how do you download plugins nowadays? WordPress is telling me that I have to pay a "business plan" to get them, is it the way to go for 2019? Anyway, thanks for sharing! ?

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