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How to Make a WordPress Website for FREE – Best Method for 2019!

Learn how to create a website for free – step by step! No experience necessary. No coding. Perfect for beginners or future web developers.
Download Theme:
Download Images:


1) Introduction – 00:00:00
2) Download and Install WordPress to local PC/MAC – 00:02:22
3) Configure WordPress Settings – 00:04:55
4) Login to WordPress – 00:07:30
5) Configure Basic Settings – 00:08:42
6) Install Theme & Plugins – 00:09:21
7) Add Pages, Static Homepage & Set Menu – 00:10:50
8) Themify Settings – 00:12:50
9) Demo Website Overview – 00:16:00

Build Homepage

11) Hero Image – 00:16:25
12) About Section – 00:27:18
13) Services – 00:30:26
14) Gallery – 00:36:23
15) Video – 00:41:09
16) Blog and blog posts – 00:43:18
17) Contact Page (Contact Form) 00:51:57
18) Make Mobile Responsive 01:01:36
19) Social Media and Footer Styling – 01:05:44
20) Add Additional Pages & Layout – 01:10:54
21) Save as Revision – 01:14:40
22) Logo & Favicon- 01:15:56
23) Edit Fonts & Colors + Important Web Design Tips – 01:19:15

Making Site Available Online

24) Hosting & Domain + Installation – 01:37:53
25) Transfer site to live – 01:45:08
26) Activate SSL – 01:51:10

Let me know if you have any questions,



Comments ( 23 )

  1. For my current subscribers, this tutorial will go through how to create a website for free (on your own pc/mac) – which allows you to practice building before you actually purchase anything (domain + hosting).
    If you have any questions, let me know 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Hello Hogan, great tutorial. I am wondering if it is possible to build a few website with the same Bitnami installed in my PC. What are the steps? thank you

  3. Need help! I’m on a Mac but my installation was different from yours…I have a a pop up screen with several options: Start, Stop, Go to Application, open terminal, Visit Bitnami, Get Support……At the top: General, Services, Network, Volumes, Log. When I click on start, then go to application, it takes me to the blog page. I’m trying to get to a webpage.

  4. i would love uploading my website on github
    need a tutorial

  5. Why FREE? when you need to pay at the end??

  6. Hello there, first of all thanks for this amazing video. Im having a little issue…when i click a menu item the page is always refreshing before i go into the page location. Can you help me?

    Thanks, and keep the good work! 🙂

  7. wow!! unable to turn on the buider!!sorry dud be honest !!

  8. Hi its realy interesting and i tried to follow your instruction but in my site builder can't open and says not available.its also can't change the heading by doing your step.

  9. how to embed a soundcloud link?

  10. I expect all of this worked like this at one time however, by the time I made it to the installation step picking up the video at about 4 min in, this is where the whole thing goes sideways and nothing happens the same. No language set up, no folder set up,no component selection, no Create Admin account Set-up,no option to not launch from the cloud. Moving on to "Go to Application" – the page comes up and the appearance is, you guessed it, completely different. Type in wordpress/wp-admin after the IP brings up a page that says "Oops! That page can't be found." I found that you have a newer video, this time it's 4 hours long launched yesterday! Awesome!! Except for a couple of things; this one there is about $65 in costs involved, it doesn't appear to involve bitnomi at all and as unfortunate as it may be, this has been an incredible waste of time.

  11. hey Hogan thanks for the video man, actually I am a photographer and I desperately wanted to have a website. So I got one local website maker here in India and ask him to make a website for me and he made the worst I have asked for. But now after watching this tutorial, I think I can build one for myself. Just have a doubt that can I build a photography website with tons of photographs.

  12. I'm having trouble with not being able to change my name from user to a different name. Also I tried to use my email and it's supposed to send me an email to confirm the change, but I'm not receiving that either. Does anyone know how to work with this?

  13. How are you supposed to download themes onto your computer in a zip file? It is not clear at all. This is a nightmare. I have spent a day already and got this far.

  14. Hey Hogan . I already have a running landing page hosted at bluehost using the domain that i want to use here. I´m wondering if the steps described on this tutorial change because of that? Thanks for posting this kind of material. Regards

  15. Hi while installing I didn't have *varnish, only WordPress and PhpMyAdmin. Will there be a problem? Thanks

  16. Hi! Does the "Themify Builder Plugin" stay fully free and active with the download link you provided? Do I have to sign up to Themify to keep using it for free?

  17. Hi, some images doesn't upload. why is that ?

  18. Hi Hogan, I built my web step by step by your tutorial and storage it at Bithnami. I didn't buy any domain or payed for a storage service. its been two months and I wanted to buy a domain and I cany find my web. is it possible that Bithnami deleted my site?

  19. Hey Hogan. Your website is of great help. However, the front page created a few days ago but was all gone today

  20. Hey there, I encountered some problems x.x My home page button would not appear even after I refresh the page and if I press customise, it doesn't appear the option of homepage settings. Why and how can I fix it?

  21. awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! thank you so muchhhh

  22. Hi i didn't get themeify in my dashboard. Can help me plz

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