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How To Make a WordPress Website – Elementor – 2019

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Learn how to make an incredible WordPress website with Elementor updated with the best designs and techniques for 2019. Made easier for beginners. With the easiest drag & drop page builder you can create website features you love from other themes. Today is your day, this year is your year, share your passions and change the Web.

You can build this website on all PCs and Macs. No previous skills required.

Demo Site:
Download Images:

Quick Links:

00:00:09 Is The Website Right for You?

00:04:38 Why Elementor: How Elementor Works

00:07:01 Make a Website Gameplan & Costs

00:13:16 Get Domain & Hosting
00:22:39 Use “BigBonus” HostGator Coupon and Discount Link

00:24:57 Install WordPress
00:27:35 Successful Installation

00:28:24 Change Nameservers

00:31:28 Take a Break 🙂

00:31:56 Login to WordPress

00:33:05 Welcome to WordPress Walk-Through

00:33:50 Change Your Password

00:34:30 Frontend vs Backend Dashboard

00:35:35 Delete Plugins

00:37:30 Install Plugins (like Elementor!)

00:38:34 Change Theme (to OceanWP Theme, best free theme for Elementor)

00:40:13 Get OceanWP WordPress Plugins

00:40:43 Setup Page Structure

00:42:01 Learn Basic OceanWP Settings (Headers & Layout)

00:43:26 Add More Pages (About, Services, etc)

00:44:32 Create Blog Page

00:45:50 Change Permalinks

00:46:48 Homepage Begins
00:47:16 Add Template Features
00:52:09 Video Background
00:53:42 Add New WordPress Elementor Section
00:54:11 Drag & Drop in Elements
00:55:39 Make Section Full Width
00:56:17 Style Headers, Text, Buttons
00:59:47 Button Hover Mode Elementor Tutorial
01:02:04 Transparent Header
01:02:40 Add a Menu (with dropdown)
01:04:38 Get a Logo
01:09:07 Insert Logo
01:10:35 Remove White Line
01:10:44 Change Menus Links Color
01:11:41 Create Section from Apple Website
01:12:42 Create 2 Column Section
01:14:37 Get PicMonkey (
01:17:13 Insert Image
01:19:45 Add a Color Gradient
01:20:51 Add Padding to Elementor Website
01:21:14 Make Image Touch Border
01:22:26 Create a Link
01:23:23 Change Text Color
01:24:01 Spacing Between Sections

01:25:01 About Page Begins
01:25:26 Hero Image Elementor Demo
01:29:03 Icon List, Counter & Progress Bars
01:32:57 Three Images Side by Side
01:33:51 Edit an Image in WordPress
1:34:47 Instagram for WordPress Widget
1:36:00 Quotes

01:38:03 Services Page Begins
01:38:18 Large Hero Images
01:39:28 Changing Elementor WordPress Fonts
01:39:53 Dividers
01:40:13 Background Image
01:42:36 Duplicate Section

1:46:01 Our Work Page Begins
Learn how to export an entire page from one website to another website
Download whole page here: I am trying to figure out how to upload that page to this page 🙂
01:46:40 Export a Template
01:47:50 Import a Template

01:49:12 Contact Us Page Begins
01:49:31 Full Screen Map for Elementor Website
01:50:20 Contact Details and Image
01:52:05 Contact Form

01:53:00 Blog Page Begins
01:53:58 WordPress Blog Posts the Old Fashioned Way
01:58:01 Add a Video to a Blog Post to Elementor WordPress
01:59:16 Add Facebook Like Box

02:01:43 Custom Footer
02:05:20 How to Use Footer Template (or any template) on Other Pages

02:06:59 Couple More Tricks for Your Elementor Website

02:10:33 Sad to Leave, But Congratulations on Your New Website!
Please Like, Comment with Questions & Subscribe, Thank You SO Much!

02:12:02 Thank You and Credits

This is by the far the fastest and easiest way to make a WordPress website with Elementor in 2019 and learn WordPress Elementor 2019 tutorial type of skills. That’s because we start from scratch, cover all the best elements, and get your a polished site you actually create at the end. So if Elementor 2019 for is what you’re after, I hope you can sit back and enjoy this one. If you learned anything here, please help us with a Like and Subscribe! We also have a full Elementor 2019 course you can find at Thanks for reading! 😀

#ElementorWordPress #ElementorTutorial

Comments ( 40 )

  1. Will let you guys know about all Elementor WP Updates right here!
    – The Section edit button now looks like a half hexagon. Not a file cabinet. ??‍♂️
    – You can right click the pencil icon for more options, like DELETE
    – I made this video into a playlist here:
    – Getting Elementor Pro? Here's my affiliate link if you'd be so kind, thanks! (also there's a coupon PRO10)

  2. Hello Greg, thanks for this wonderful tutorial. It helped me a lot. I had one question though how to edit the blog page. I want to add social media icons on the blog page with Elementor but unable to do so. Kindly help

  3. Hello there, what is your favorite page builder ? I utilize a few but my favourite is undoubtedly Oxygen.
    Many thanks for your time and effort in this video footage – very good stuff!!

  4. Hello Greg. Thank you very much for this video. It is amazing. You speak about guide to start blog but I can't find it anywhere. Can you give a link to the guide? Thanks again. Best Regards

  5. Fantastic! Yet another great video from you Greg. Thanks for making it. Decided to jump in the deep end and am using OceanWP. WP 5, and Elementor. So far so good. You video has helped so much. Thanks again!

  6. I wished this was the first post that I watched about WordPress. I am so grateful for this. It has cut down on the rest of my learning curve.

  7. time to visit the taco stand on the seedier side of town

  8. Hey Greg, can you give some of your inputs on choosing REXUS Theme from Theme-Junkie. Currently I have Theme-Junkie membership and I am planning for Blogging Website.

  9. Greg thank you so much – ive followed you for so long and by far this is the best course out, ever. I was wondering if you could please teach me hout to have the boxes at the top lile the laurel theme?

  10. Sir make video on how to design sidebar widget . … wordpress. ….

  11. Hey! My elementor stopped working! When I click on "Edit with elementor" The page shows endless loading. It does not re-direct me to the editor so that I can edit. Please help me! I am struggling a lot 🙁
    PS. I am using a free version of Elementor.

  12. Sr. thank you for such an amazing videos you have change my life I was always so afraid to create a Website but since I have watched you videos I have gained so much confidence.
    Last night I was seen " this videos but when i imported the section of the restaurant it does not include the images like you said please advise thank you and have a great night

  13. I can't get Elementor to connect to the sever any suggestions??

  14. What happened to adding a video background? – it's completely greyed out.

  15. Hey Greg, where is the Contact 7 Form Sent? Is there a way to route to my email? Thanks

  16. Hi Greg, question: Can you import elements from other websites, not built with Elementor Page Builder? Thanks!

  17. Doesn't the theme have a header and footer box so you don't have to use a plug in? Most other themes do.

  18. Hi Greg, thanks for all your time and effort. I can't seem to locate the option to use Elementor Templates, does this mean I need to pay for the pro version? Thanks

  19. Hey Greg! Awesome tutorial. I’m working on building my site. Apparently an artist in various mediums does not a web designer make. Much to my chagrin. I really wish there was an Elementor user guide (book). One area I’m having an issue with, and maybe I missed it, is changing the photo in the original (top) template applied. The pic on right next to “tasty breakfast.” I can’t figure out how to change it. Also had an issue when I imported the second template. When I was done deleting what wasn’t needed the top template overlapped the bottom one. The words at top were under the upper one and also in grey. If that makes any sense.

  20. Greg, I'm a beginner. I started building a website a few years ago having followed your video tutorial using Advantage theme. I got side tracked only got a couple of pages done, but now coming back to your tutorials.. Obviously a lot has happened since and I'm excited about what I see in this tutorial. My question if I download the oceonwp theme will I loose any data in the advantage theme?

  21. GREG!! You rock! Your tutorial was amazing. I have grabbed the image carousel and I am using portrait and landscape photos, is there a way to format the landscape to be larger so all images fill the area? Thank you!


  23. I absolutely Loved this video. Thank you so much for sharing this. Such a great and informative video ?? loved watching, even though I’ve had my WordPress Website for over 4 years. Which make WordPress Website (free ebook) step by step guide.

    Thanks again

  24. Hi Greg! Finally I have tried to create my Blog website watching you tutorials! I skipped lots of contents and will work on it. The only problem is when I see the website on mobile, I don’t see the homepage video or any static page. You told at the beginning of the video that you will tell at the end how to do that but couldn’t see any of that tutorial. By the way, I have purchased the baby plan from HostGator using your coupon code and saved a lot! Please check my site ( when you get the chance. It was my very first time working with WordPress. Thanks a lot for educating the whole world!

  25. Hi Greg – great video. Maybe a dumb question but I set up my site using your video, and I'd like to my latest blog post on the front page in one of the pastry checked boxes, and I'd like to add a like to a "Shop" page I created in another of those boxes, but can't figure out how to do that. Can you help?

  26. So Ive created a second domain and starting playing with Elementor – its awesome and so is your tutorial. Is there a way to edit the desktop and mobile versions independently? I can design the site so it looks really good on the desktop but doesn't scale as well on mobile. Thanks!!!

  27. I currently have a completed site up and running which I built in WordPress. I'd like to change to the new Elementor. Is there a way I can take my time to rebuild with Elementor but keep my existing site live?

  28. Can you do a VBLOG on Creating a New Widget AND Add Control Section to Widgets for ELEMENTOR

  29. Hi Greg. Great video. Do you have any multi vendor management Ecommerce website tutorial please? Like Amazon but for Service market. Thanks in advance!

  30. That was pretty amazing Greg, thank you so much for spending your time doing this, it was a real pleasure having as a tutor and I'll be watching this a few more times I'm sure because it's just so jammed packed with valuable information. Awesome, thanks again.

  31. Greg this is totally amazing! You made it so easy that I successfully made another website today from this tutorial. I used the free versions of both Elementor and Ocean WP! I'm super impressed with this tutorial, Elementor page builder, and the Ocean WP theme!

  32. Thank you very much for a nice tutorial. Kindly tell me which version of Elementor did you use paid or free one?

  33. Looking great…not you but your designed page…Mhuhahahahah.???. Sorry. Just kidding. Both are looking great.

    BTW i have got a question. How to change the excerpt length using WP Bakery Plugin (formerly known as Visual Composer) without the help of any other plugin and without changing/adding codes in function.php ? I mean I just wanna be on the safe and easy side as well. Today I tried a hell lot and googled my best but couldn't find any way. I neither wanna use others plugins nor any change in function.php. I want to do it from WP Bakery plugin itself.

    Any help will save my time from further searching. Thanks.

  34. Great Video Greg! I will try these techniques to my Online Entrepreneur website call

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